utica carwash bubbles Elite Custom Hand Wash Services

Whether you’re looking for a quick, but thorough custom hand wash or the full Elite Full Detail package, we’ve got you covered with our Elite Hand Wash Services. At reasonable prices, we will make your vehicle look like you’re driving it right off the lot, brand new! We take pride in our work and feel our best when we know we’ve done a great job and our customers are happy. 

We know you’re busy and need to get on with your day, so we work fast and precisely to help you do just that and furthermore, there is a specific process that we use to ensure the job is done the right way, the first time.  There are always clean microfiber mitts and hand towels available to get the job done and there is an inspection at the end to ensure a quality job has been done. If we missed a spot, we’ll fix it right then and there!

hand wash services - elite custom hand wash

Exterior Hand Wash    $20

(plus tax)

• Debugging and degreasing
• Wheel Scrubbing • Soak & Rinse bar
• Soft Microfiber Mitt Wash
• Sealer Wax • Custom Towel Hand Dry

Power Underwash   $5

• Remove Dirt, Road Grime, Salt & Sand

Tire Shine    


Reg Size  $5

Big Size  $10 

hand wash services - luxury interior express

Interior Clean    $30/$35

• Vacuum
• Clean Windows
• Wipe Down Dash/Console

Car  $30

Truck/Van/SUV  $35

hand wash services - exterior protective wax

Exterior Protective Wax   $60/$75

• Premium Paste Wax
• Protective Coating & Shine

Car  $60

Truck/Van/SUV  $75

hand wash services - elite full detail car wash

Full Detailing    $249   carwash bubbles utica ny

(plus tax)

• Elite Custom Hand Wash
• Power Underwash • Tire Shine
• Floor Mat, Carpet and Seat Shampoo
• Leather Seats Cleaned & Conditioned
• Clean all Interior Surfaces • Eliminate Odors
• Clean & Vacuum Trunk • Air Freshener
• Buffing/Scratch Removal ($150 extra)

Unlimited Elite Custom Hand Wash


(plus tax) per vehicle

Stop in and see us for more details!

(plus tax)