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utica carwash bubbles  The Elite Carwash Process

elite carwash process - 1 - pressure wash

Pressure Wash

The Elite Carwash Process starts by removing excess dirt and debris from the surface and wheel wells of the vehicle.

elite carwash process - 2 clean the tires

Clean the Tires

Spray & Scrub Tires & Wheel Wells thoroughly.

elite carwash process - 3 - soak bar

Soak Bar

We let your car get good and sudsy to make sure the soap has time to work its magic.

elite carwash process - 4- hand wash

Hand Wash

We use a microfiber mitt and go over your vehicle, working in small sections.

elite carwash process - 5 - rinse bar

Rinse Bar

Time to send your car through the rinse bar to wash off the soap.

elite carwash process - 6 - dry


We use a High Power Blower to dry your vehicle as quickly as possible.

elite carwash process - 7 - hand dry

Hand Dry

We do a Soft Microfiber Towel Dry to Prevent Spotting.

elite carwash process - 8 - inspect & treat

Inspect & Treat

We check your vehicle thoroughly to ensure that we didn’t miss anything. If we did, we treat it right then and there.

carwash bubbles utica ny  Hand Wash vs. Other Options


Driveway Washing

Washing your car by yourself is a lot of work, it’s time consuming, and you are paying for full size bottles of chemicals that are being washed into the street and sewer system, not to mention the excess water usage!


Tunnel Wash

Entirely controlled by machines that are spinning fast so that they take away all of the dirt… and sometimes your wipers or your side mirror! They drag across your your hood and bumpers potentially leaving large scratches and when do you think the last time was that they were washed?


Touchless Wash

The chemicals used in these washes are harsh and require a wait time on your car in order to attack the dirt and grime – and all of that excess water is now full of chemicals and is going straight down the drain. Plus, it never gets your car clean! 


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Elite Custom Hand Wash
Soft Touch Wash

Sit back and relax while we do all the work! The Elite Carwash Process gently cleans your car by hand, using soft microfiber mitts so as not to scratch it and going over every inch to ensure that your car comes out looking like new!
All that is in just a few minutes so you can be on your way.